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Arsène Wenger in “rehab” after leaving Arsenal



Free of any contract after 22 years at Arsenal, Arsene Wenger promised himself “not to make any decision until September” about his future.

In an interview published Sunday in the telegram , the former Arsenal coach Arsene Wenger spoke about his future, which promises … uncertain. “I decided not to decide, explained the Alsatian (68 years). I was intoxicated so long that I promised myself that I would not make a decision until September.

“It’s the first time, in 35 years, that I’m not starting a Championship”
More than a period of decompression, the technician speaks of his first months away from the Gunners as “a rehab, since this is the first time in 35 years, I do not start Championship” .

Can he be tempted by other areas than football? “For archeology, I’m not sufficiently stuck on the compositions … soil. Politics no more. What I like about coaching is that we can have theories on Saturdays, we have to show that they work and the result is immediate. In politics, between theory and proof by demonstration, the time can be much longer.

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