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Cristiano Ronaldo: What to expect from the debut and the CR7 season at Juventus?



Cristiano Ronaldo will make his first official match for Vecchia Signora this weekend

The most awaited debut of this season of European football is that of Cristiano Ronaldo at Juventus. The expectation is enormous to see how the ace will be leaving this Saturday (18), at the opening of Serie A, at 13h (from Brasilia), in the duel with Chievo. And no less. The unexpected transfer of the guy to the Vecchia Signora managed to overshadow even the semifinals of the World Cup between France and Belgium.

After all, one of the greatest players in football history, one of the giants of Real Madrid in all times, vital in all the achievements of recent years, including the four UEFA Champions League cups and the historic European championship, and the highest scorer of the Whites with 450 goals, left the Spanish club for a series of issues to live a new challenge in Turin.

The guy arrives in a very strong team, ready, and that dominates Italy in this decade. Juve owns impressive domestic hegemony with seven consecutive Serie A titles, plus four straight doubles, with the Coppa Italia triumph. The big challenge is to return to win the Champions League, and CR7 arrives at the club to try to make Vecchia Signora re-conquer Europe.

The quality of the craque is unquestionable and he has total conditions, along with the excellent team alvinegro, to raise Orelhuda at the end of the season. However, a great path needs to be won by then, and the expectation is great to see how CR7 will do at Juventus.
And well, if we take into account the last seasons, we can expect a sluggish dude at the beginning but lethal and decisive in the final stretch of the season when Juventus most needs him.

In Italy, the scenario has some variations. Cristiano Ronaldo was much preserved by Zinedine Zidane at the beginning of the last seasons so as not to get too worn out, aiming at the final and decisive straight, the so-called truth hour, full of important clashes and that define the year of the clubs.

The guy understood this scenario and respected Zizou, but was not very satisfied with the situation. How will Massimiliano Allegri deal with this? And if the Italian repeats the Frenchman’s strategy, will CR7 respect him as he respected his former coach?

Despite all the enviable physical condition, worthy of a 20-year-old boy, as his own medical tests at Juventus proved, CR7 is already 33 years old and is no boy. You need to preserve it to count with it in the most important games.

Cristiano Ronaldo(Photo: Juventus / Divulgação)

On the other hand, he needs to be able to adapt to a new reality in Italy, with different tactical schemes, game styles, situations, culture, opponents, climate, league and language, and also to have the best relationship with his teammates .

And this question, coupled with what has been happening with CR7 in recent seasons, can cause a slow start to the season. In 2017/18, he only entered the final minutes of the European Super Cup, in the victory of Real by 2 to 1 over Manchester United.

Already in the Spanish Super Cup, he also entered the second half, but scored a beautiful goal, putting the Blancos to advantage against Barcelona at the Camp Nou and “revenge” Lionel Messi, repeating the iconic celebration of the Argentine showing his shirt to the fans rival.

In La Liga, though, the dude did not do well, scoring just four goals in the early half of the season. In a new club, with all the issues already mentioned, the slow start can be repeated. The shirt 7 will be adapting to a new reality and can be spared in some matches to be whole in the decisive line. However, he will certainly want to prove himself in Italy, which can cause a different footballing start to the year.

This happened already this weekend, when the guy needed only seven minutes to score his first goal for Juventus in his debut in the friendly between the main team and team B of the Vecchia Signora. In addition, he has already proven to be motivated with his new club and challenge, and to be happy in Turin with his new teammates. CR7 has even stated that he feels like in a big family.

Anyway, regardless of an epic or slow start, if you have something that history has shown us is that, at the moment of truth, Juventus will be able to count on Robozão flying and being lethal.

In the season behind Real Madrid, CR7 was an anthology and super decisive in the European conquest of the Whites. Champions League scorer with 12 goals, he scored in the quarterfinals, semi-final and also in the decision. There were five balls in the net against Bayern Munich, three against Atletico Madrid and two against Juventus, with 10 goals in five games in the final stretch.

Already in 2017/18, if he scored just four goals in the opening half of La Liga, he scored 22 in the final 13, reaching 26 and over 25 last season. It was the eighth season followed with at least 40 hits from the guy, being four seasons with more than 50.

In addition, he was the top scorer in the Champions League for the sixth straight year, this time with 15 balls in the nets. CR7 was decisive especially against PSG and Juventus, when it marked that anthological goal on Buffon, in Turin, in the quarterfinals.

In recent years, the dude was erased at first, but magical, decisive and lethal in the final stretch and at the time of truth of the season, helping Real Madrid to win several titles and four times the Champions League. At Juventus, the start may be different in the face of circumstances, but the Vecchia Signora expects Robozão to repeat in Turin the finals he played in Madrid.

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