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Guardiola asks Mendy to forget social networks and he responds on Twitter



This Sunday, Pep Guardiola showed that not even a co-operative action is enough to make him 100% satisfied. One of the highlights of Arsenal’s 2-0 win at Emirates Stadium in Manchester City’s Premier League debut, left-back Benjamin Mendy was responsible for two assists and a performance beyond insurance. Even so, he did not escape a warning from the Spanish coach.

“Mendy is Mendy, sometimes we want to kill him, in other times, you think ‘wow, what player do we have.’ ‘He gives us energy, and there are a lot of things to improve, and I hope to convince him to forget the networks a little social, “said the captain, after the final whistle, in speech reproduced by the club’s official twitter.

With good humor, the French shared the publication, writing an “Oops” in response and then promising to leave the social networks a bit sideways.

Mendy was hired by City earlier this season but a ruptured anterior cruciate ligament in his right knee caused him to lose practically the entire team campaign. The side, who was part of the casting world champion for France, has everything to maintain the ownership in the team, which seeks the national bicampeonato and the unpublished title of the Champions League.

Guardiola’s men, who are 10 years as coach on Monday, return to the field next Sunday against Huddersfield at Etihad Stadium.

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