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Michel Platini Speaks On People Who Do Not Want Him As FIFA President



Michel Platini Says VAR Has Rendered Referees Useless

The future of Former UEFA president, Michel Platini, looks doubtful, which has certainly been cleared by the Swiss court, though some certain people have been demanding for his presence in the world football again.

FIFA though has condemned him to a suspension of all activities in football.

He stated that, “I do not ask myself the question, I only say that I do not give up, that I do not forbid anything, for now, I see myself as a bail of the game. away from the field, “explains Platini to L’Equipe .

While reacting to VAR that was used in the world cup he said For him, the VAR ” did not bring more justice ” and turns the referee into ” a kind of puppet “. ” At the limit, the video can really help to judge a ball that crosses or not the line, or for offside, because these decisions are based on specific facts: it’s outside or it’s in. There is no room for interpretation, but even there, it’s dangerous, “explains” Platoche “to the daily sports.

Where are we going to stop now? “, He wondered, visibly worried about the next events. ” That way, we will definitely kill football as we have already killed cycling and the F1. Or as we have already killed the referees (…) Why all officials of the arbitration are in favor of video? their buttocks, because they are always on the side of those who feed them, “says the former leader.

While speaking on his ambition to become the FIFA president, Platini explains that ” 150 national federations asked him to go ” but that ” three assholes to FIFA” did not want and they ” won ” . And about financial fair play, which he launched a few years ago and is so much criticized today?

We went from billions of debts to only 200 million (…) I’ve been a decision maker for twenty years, I’m not, because I do not have a say anymore, why would I interfere? “, he says with regard to UEFA’s decisions on PSG . ” It’s up to UEFA to decide whether to keep financial fair play and, if so, how to apply it, ” he concludes.

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