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Neymar completes one year of PSG with fame, fortune and much controversy



Fame, fortune, goals and much controversy. This is how Neymar arrives at the end of his first year in the Paris Saint-Germain team . Hired for 222 million euros, the biggest deal in football history, the Brazilian national team shirt went crazy French fans in their first match at the Parque dos Principes, scoring two goals, giving two assists and suffering a penalty in the rout by 6 to 2 on the Toulouse.

But the love relationship began to cool after only 45 days. At the end of the game against Lyon, the Brazilian asked to hit a penalty, whose function was Cavani. The Uruguayan denied the request, but wasted the charge.

The atmosphere in the locker room of the French team was heavy and the Spanish coach Unai Emery did not demonstrate a pulse to balance the ego of his players. In the game against Dijon, despite the 8-0 defeat and the four goals scored, Neymar left the field under boos, after not letting Cavani hit a penalty. Detail: the striker was one of 100 for the French team.

At the end of February, the striker suffered a fractured foot that prevented him from playing in the decisive games of the Champions League, the French Championship and the French Cup. Treatment made in Brazil after surgery irritated cheerleaders, the press and team mates.The rumors of a transfer to Real Madrid and the failure with the Brazilian selection left the player in a lower level than the one that he was in presenting himself from Barcelona. 

The situation was even worse in the classic against Olympique de Marseille, when “Ney” was sent off, after receiving two yellow cards and falling in the provocation of the Argentine Lucas Ocampos.

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