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Tottenham defeats Manchester United 3-0



By defeating (0-3) Manchester United at Old Trafford on Monday night thanks to a goal from Harry Kane and a Lucas Moura double, Tottenham settled in second place in the championship behind Liverpool. And for José Mourinho, this second defeat in three days calls for a questioning.

Mauricio Pochettino had never found the way to victory at Old Trafford. He fixed this anomaly by defeating the Red Devils on the brink of depression thanks to a double Lucas Moura (0-3).

Inaccurate after a first half overall failed, the Spurs reach the top of the ranking in favor of this third victory in a row in the Premier League. On the side of Manchester United, and more particularly of Jose Mourinho, it is the soup with the grimace. We will also watch the Portuguese coach, more than ever on the hot seat with this second defeat in three games.

It’s been 26 years since Manchester United had not experienced such a championship start. But José Mourinho and his family, more than ever impotent, can only see the damage. Able to compete, maybe even a little more, in the first period, the Red Devils then plunged their heads first. However, they managed to foil Spurs, alternately annoyed by the commitment and flamboyant opponents at the time when it was necessary to make the decision. As proof, they only needed two minutes to disgust their opponents.

Lucas Moura for Tottenham at Manchester United in Premier League on 27 August 2018 Getty Images

The Red Devils in crisis

The first stabbing came from Harry Kane, who was able to stand out against Chris Smalling to put David De Gea in the lead on a Kieran Trippier corner (0-0). 1, 50th). A little more than 120 seconds later, it was Lucas Moura, who should have received a penalty in the first act, who carried the second shot after a perfect center Christian Eriksen (0-2, 52). Stunned, the Red Devils have lost their means and, without confidence, could not materialize their opportunities against Londoners, however impeccable defense. Never satisfied and launched by Kane, Moura even undertook to complete the wounded animal to humiliate a little more dying Red Devils (0-3, 84).

Beyond the excellent accounting and ambitions that assert themselves a little more, we must understand that the feat of the Spurs, second behind Liverpool, is incredible. No London team had brought back the three points of Old Trafford since 2014. That year, they were already the ones who had brought down the ogre Mancunien. And, historically, Tottenham never travels very well there. On arrival, there is no doubt that the 200th victory of Mauricio Pochettino’s career will be a milestone. Although it may cost the head of Jose Mourinho, his friend.

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