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Tottenham Wins Fulham And Leads The Premier League Provisionally



Tottenham, who made their Premier League win over Newcastle on a 2-1 friendly win over Fulham, was beaten 2-0 by Crystal Palace on their opening night win. by the score of 3 to 1. With the result, the Spurs reach six points, while Fulham remains unpunished.

Trying to make the home win, Tottenham started the match at an amazing pace, and if they had made better use of the odds, they could have made a good start in the opening minutes. At five minutes, Davies crossed in the measure to Lucas, who without goalkeeper, headed very badly, and missed the first big chance.

A minute later, Fulham’s defense went wrong, the Brazilian managed to intercept and came face-to-face with goalkeeper Fabricio Agosto, but he did a good job and was forced to split with the archer. After the split, the ball was left, and Harry Kane only had the job of pushing to the empty goal. The referee, however, signaled Lucas’s foul on the pitch, and invalidated the attempt.

From there, the match became a monologue. The Spurs stayed with the ball most of the time and bombed Fulham’s defense. However, despite the good chances, Eriksen, Dele Ali, Kane and Lucas were very sinful in the finals, and they could not turn superiority into advantage on the leaderboard.

Faced with this scenario, the visitors tried to take advantage of the attacks, and began to grow in the game. At 26, Cairney ventured out of the area, forcing Lorris to stretch out to avoid the goal. At the moment when the game most tended to balance, however, Lucas appeared to redeem himself in the game and finally open the score for Tottenham. At 42, the ball sneezed inside the area, and the Brazilian came crashing left leg with a corner, marking a beautiful goal at Wembley.

At the beginning of the complementary stage, just in the first big chance, Fulham got the equalizer. At six minutes, Bryan crossed the area, Sessegnon completed and the ball left for Mitrovic, fallen, head to the bottom of the nets.

After the goal, the game became a little more parejo, although the visitors continued adopting a more defensive posture, betting mainly on the counterattacks. At 20, Fulham’s rearguard tried to move away and the ball was left for Dele Alli to hit the goal, but defender Marchand appeared to pull over the line.

The balance, however, lasted only a short time. At 29, Tottenham were missing in their favor at the middle. Trippier went into the charge, and with a beautiful strike, hit the right corner of goalkeeper Fabricio Agosto to put the Spurs ahead on the scoreboard.

Two minutes later, Lamela got the ball in the midfield, got a great start and fired Harry Kane inside the area. The shirt 10 was calm to cut the defender and, with right leg, hit a beautiful kick in the right corner to kill the match and end his fate of not being able to swing the nets in the month of August.

Kennedy misses a penalty, and Newcastle is on zero to zero with Cardiff

In a game that saw two teams that lost their debut games face-off, Cardiff and Newcastle met Cardiff City Stadium in Wales and did not go from zero to zero.

The game, in general, was lukewarm, and of very limited technical quality. With two very physical teams focused on defense, the attacks were eventually compromised. With 20 minutes of the second half, Isaac Hayden had a free-kick in the middle of the field and left Newcastle with one less man, but nothing that would make Cardiff stand out in the match.

The referee signaled four minutes of additions, and in the last round of the match, the visiting team took a penalty in its favor. Brazil’s Kennedy was shown a yellow card for standing over the ball and blocking an opponent’s quick free kick after 20 minutes. Neil Etheridge knocked one home from a counterattack down the right wing,

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