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Tiger Woods Return To Winning Ways With PGA Victory



Veteran golfer, Tiger Woods on Sunday, won a major victory as he continued his come back from injury which almost derailed his golf career.

On Sunday, Woods claimed his first victory in more than five years, completing a remarkable comeback in sports history as he won the PGA trophy.

“I just can’t believe I pulled this off,” Woods said during his trophy presentation.

“Maybe I’ll keep chipping at that number and maybe surpass it,” he said later.

Woods had been plagued by injuries, and shocking revelations about his sex life which eventually led to divorce and plunged his career into an all-time low.

Even major sponsors deserted him but he kept attempting comebacks, and has now won the 2018 PGA tour.

He returned to golf in December ranked No. 1,199 in the world, and rose to No. 21 by the start of the Tour Championship.

“The people who are close to me saw the struggles and what I was going through,” Woods said, “and some of the players that I’m pretty close to, they’ve really helped throughout this process and the last few years. Their support and some of those things that they said coming off that last green meant a lot to me.”

“I guess it’s different now because the art of clapping is gone, right?” Woods said, smiling. “You can’t clap when you’ve got a cellphone in your hand, so people yell.”

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