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UCL: Schalke 04 1-1 FC Porto



FC Porto drew 1-0 at Schalke 04 in Gelsenkirchen on Matchday 1 in the Champions League group stage.

FC Porto draw at Gelsenkirchen tonight for a ball against Schalke 04. The ‘dragons’ fought for the win but the Germans show they are a ‘hard bone’ and deny them three points.

The match kicks off with an intense duel in the midfield. Schalke 04 made two approaches in the first half, while FC Porto could not reach the opponents’ side with danger.

With 11 minutes of play, following a lateral throw, the referee marks a penalty in favor of FC Porto, by hand in the ball of Naldo. Alex Telles goes up to the 11 meter mark to collect the penalty, but Fährmann defends and starts the possibility of the ‘dragons’ inaugurate the marker.

In 20 minutes, FC Porto dominates the game but can not break through the defensive section of the Germans, while Schalke 04 insists on pressure while exploring long balls.

The first part shows a Schalke 04 determined to face FC Porto and not make life easier for the national champions. 45 minutes stuffed tactical game but also very balanced.

FC Porto return at half-time with maximum strength and give their all to beat the Germans. With the lines raised and a lot of pressure, the national champions create several dangerous moves, however, none successfully.

59 minutes into the game was Schalke 04 who came close to opening the scoring. A cross from Caligiuri threatens Casillas’s goal, but Danilo cuts the ball and prevents the worst for FC Porto.

With 64 minutes played, Herrera loses the ball through the opposing central defense and has replaced him with an easy going. McKennie breaks free from the defenders and passes to Embolo who finishes in front of Casillas and makes the first goal of the match.

At 74 minutes, Marega fouls inside the Germans area and the referee signals a penalty. This time it was Otávio to charge the ball stopped. The Brazilian midfielder cheats Fährmann and reinstates the equalizer.

The ‘dragons’ were close to the advantage in the 83rd minute. Otavio shot wide for Schalke’s goal, but Fährmann saved the Germans and denied the Dragons.

In the second round of Group D of the Champions League, FC Porto host Galatasaray in the day October 3 at 8:00 p.m.

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