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See All Results From The Match Day 4 AFCON Qualifier Games



The match-day 4 of 2019 African Cup of Nations (AFCON) qualifying fixtures the was concluded on Tuesday, turned up some beautiful results.

Below are the final results across the various groups:

Group A:

FT: Madagascar 1-0 Equatorial Guinea

FT: Sudan 0-1 Senegal

Group B:

FT: Comoros 2-2 Morocco

FT: Malawi 0-0 Cameroon

Group C:

FT: Burundi 1-1 Mali

FT: South Sudan 0-1 Gabon

Group D:

FT: Benin 1-0 Algeria

FT: Gambia 0-1 Togo

Group E:

FT: Seychelles 0-0 South Africa

FT: Libya 2-3 Nigeria

Group F:

FT: Kenya 3-0 Ethiopia

FT: S. Leone vs Ghana (postponed)

Group G:

FT: Zimbabwe 1-1 Democratic Republic of Congo

FT: Liberia 2-1 Congo Brazzaville

Group H:

FT: Rwanda 1-1 Guinea

FT: Central African Republic 0-0 Ivory Coast

Group I:

FT: Mauritania 1-0 Angola

FT: Botswana 0-0 Burkina Faso

Group J:

FT: eSwatini 0-2 Egypt

FT: Niger 1-2 Tunisia

Group K:

FT: Namibia 1- 0 Mozambique

FT: Zambia 2-1 G. Bissau

Group L:

FT: Tanzania 2-0 Cape Verde

FT: Lesotho 0-2

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