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The Top English Premier League Football News



The English Premier League is always full of excitement. Every match keeps you at the edge of your seat.

If you haven’t and are wondering how the teams are shaping up this season, don’t worry. Our overview of the most recent results will help you stay updated.

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The Top English Premier League Football News

So, how are the English premier league teams doing this time around? Are there are major upsets? Let’s take a look at all that happened in the past week.

Liverpool 0-0 Manchester City

This draw came as a surprise. Both teams put their best step forward, but that was not enough for either of them to establish complete control over the game. Considering that this was a game in the high tier, the stakes were high and both the teams struggled. Initially, it looked as if the Reds would dominate the game, but the second half had a lot of ups and downs. Now, Liverpool, Manchester City and Chelsea are tied at 20 points in the top of the table.

Southampton 0-3 Chelsea

Chelsea managed to score a victory and reach the top of the table by scoring a comfortable victory over Southampton. A team effort between Ross Barkley and Eden Hazard then allowed the Blues to march forward. After that, Chelsea played with new-found confidence. Their attacking strategies gave them maximum possession of the ball. Barkley then scored a goal of his own and then Alvaro Morata closed the deal by scoring the last goal, allowing Chelsea to assume a dominating position.

Fulham 1-5 Arsenal

Arsenal gave a fantastic performance this weekend, and Fulham was unfortunate to be on the other end. The former thrashed the latter, winning the game by a margin of 5 goals. For Arsenal, Aaron Ramsey and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang were the major goal scorers. The team never seemed to lose control of the game, except maybe at the very beginning. The match between Liverpool and Manchester City is highly anticipated.

Manchester United 3-2 Newcastle

At one point it looked like Manchester United was going to suffer an unexpected loss. They were two goals down but managed a wonderful comeback in the second half of the game. Alexis Sanchez scored a header that seemed to bring United alive again after which the team played like the old times to make up for the two goals that they had conceded within the first ten minutes.

Tottenham 1-0 Cardiff

One cannot say that this match was easy. Tottenham had to work hard to beat Cardiff. Mauricio Pochettino’s men managed to hold on till the last minute without surrendering even though Cardiff showed moments of brilliance.

Now, it is still some time before the League ends but we are seeing some really close matches out there.  Manchester United, for one, scraped through the last time, but would they be lucky the next time as well? We cannot wait for the upcoming matches, can you?

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