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Zamafara: Gov Matawalle Accuse Yari Of Inciting Statements



The Governor of Zamfara State, Bello Mohammed Matawalle, has revealed that the excesses of the former governor of the state, Abdulaziz Yari is capable of jeopardizing the peace initiative already instituted in the state.

The governor who was represented by Hon. Abubakar Dauran in Gusau at a press conference noted that the statements of the immediate governor could pose a security threat in the state.

Former Governor Yari was accused of claiming that he and other loyal members of the All Progressives Congress can do anything they wish to do whether right or wrong and get away with it considering that the Nigerian Police Force, Prison Service and other Security Agencies in Nigeria are controlled by APC.

Gov. Matawalle noted that the former governor of the state has no knowledge about the constitutional provision of Nigeria, where no political party has special privileges even if their party is in power.

He said, “The former Governor also made some inciting remarks that, the present administration in whatever circumstances could not demolish some illegal structures and houses across the State, especially in the State Capital. This statement had contravened relevant provisions of building permit and township planning rules and regulations in the state.”

Matawalle further stated that “all the States in the Federation have rules and regulations of town planning which are strictly observed when erecting any structure. Therefore we want to stress here, unequivocally that anybody or group of individuals who erects any structure illegally, the present administration has the power to demolish such structures outrightly”

“We also want to remind the former Governor that the same rules and regulations that gave him the power to demolish some structures during his reign which were considered illegally erected such as structures of Alh. Tukur Maibulo, Alh. Musa Mallaha and a sizeable number of buildings at Barakallah had also given the present administration the same power to take similar decisive action accordingly”

He added that the former governor of the state comes into the state to make provocative comments under the guise of holding APC supporters meeting knowing that such a statement can threaten the pease of the state.

Matawalle called on all ACP supporters in the state to shun violence as nobody or group is above the law.

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